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Perlan II: a glider for the study of ozone hole

The current environmental issues necessitates experiments that show the chemical reactions due to the ozone hole and global warming. You have to reach the stratosphere to understand the reasons that lead one of three oxygen atoms that form ozone to react with CFCs remaining attached to the molecules of chlorine and fluorine for over 50 years because these reactions occur here.

Perlan II: un aliante per studiare il buco dell’ozono

L’attuale problematica ambientale rende necessari esperimenti che mostrino le reazioni chimiche causa del buco dell’ozono e del riscaldamento globale. Per comprendere le ragioni che...

Ariane 5: a success for Avio

The launcher, developed and built, under authorization from the European Space Agency, by EADS SPACE Transportation, started from the European Space Centre in Kourou (French Guyana) with the primary purpose of placing satellites in geostationary orbit.

Lanciatore europeo Ariane 5: un successo per Avio

A distanza di venti anni circa, mercoledì 30 luglio alle 01:47 ora italiana, è iniziata la 73° missione del lanciatore europeo Ariane 5. Il lanciatore,...

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