Nicola Lovecchio

RU 800 S: the robot that builds railways

It' s a robot, if you can call it that deals with the renewal of the ballast, of the arrangement of the partitions, of the laying of tracks and the subsequent anchoring of the same, made during his journey on the railway lines obsolete when replacing.

RU 800 S: il robot che costruisce ferrovie

La prima macchina integrata a livello mondiale per rinnovamento del binario continuo, con contemporaneo risanamento della massicciata

Graphene, a material for the future

10 years after the discovery of this revolutionary material by the two Russian researchers (Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, for which they won the Nobel Prize in 2010), the graphene is still the 'only material in two dimensions, the thinnest ever created (in addition to being the most resistant) and obtainable from the same material it is made of a tip of pencil, graphite.

Cat 797, the world’s largest truck

Today we want to talk about trucks, but not in the way you understand it, we are talking about the largest tipping truck in the world, CAT 797.

Cat 797, il camion più grande del mondo

Dalla Caterpillar, l'autocarro a cassone più grande del mondo

Titan, a new 100% recyclable polymer

The discovery of Titan is due -fortunately- to an error of researchers of Almaden IBM Research Center in San Jose, California.

Titano, il nuovo polimero riciclabile al 100%

Da un errore dei ricercatori, si scopre un nuovo polimero

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