Bridgestone and Aston Martin host the first DB11 media driving event since its unveiling at Geneva

On 23 and 24 April, general photography sessions took place. From 25 April to 29 April, the selected journalists were invited to scheduled test-driving events, testing out the new DB11 on high speed and wet performance.

Premium tyres for a premium vehicle

With Aston Martin aiming to build the most powerful, most efficient and most dynamically gifted DB model in Aston Martin’s history, was natural they turn to Bridgestone to find the same premium standard for the new DB11: made of the highest quality materials, these tyres can support the highest targets in acceleration and speed.

The Potenza S007  is a premium summer tyre designed for high-performance sports vehicles. The wide outside tread and carcass construction are engineered to provide maximum grip when executing curves at top speeds, while the innovative tread pattern and pattern blocks deliver outstanding steering control.

The Blizzak LM001 is a high-performance tyre for sporty vehicles facing winter conditions. The stiffness of the 3D sipe balancing pattern, combined with the high-volume, slanted grooves, creates excellent traction in the snow. Also engineered with NanoPro-Tech polymers, a more flexible compound in cold weather, this tyre maintains optimal grip in low temperatures.

The Potenza S007 and Blizzak LM001 will allow drivers to enjoy the thrilling experience of racing a DB11 year-round.

Experience Bridgestone DriveGuard 

In addition to the DB11 test-drives, attendees are also able to test Bridgestone’s latest product, Bridgestone DriveGuard. This is a touring tyre for passenger cars that allows drivers to continue driving for maximum 80km at up to 80km/h after they experience a puncture1 .

A premium partnership 

The partnership between the two high-performance brands began in 1994, when Aston Martin released the DB7 with Bridgestone’s Potenza S-01 Expedia tyres. The collaboration continued when the DB9 was introduced in 2003, with Potenza RE-050A tyres. And it was an honour when Aston Martin selected Bridgestone as an official project partner for the development and launch of the DB11.

Rome Proving Ground

All sessions and test-drives took place at Bridgestone’s Proving Ground. Located 30 km South from Bridgestone’s Technical Center Europe (TCE) near Rome, The European Proving Ground was inaugurated in June 2004. Covering 144 hectares and dominated by a 4-km oval circuit, this facility gives Bridgestone the most modern year-round tyre testing assets in Europe.


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