Today we want to talk about trucks, but not in the way you understand it, we are talking about the largest tipping truck in the world, CAT 797.

The vehicle, produced by the renowned company Caterpillar, weighs 225 tons and with a height of 7.59 meters, width 14.5 meters and width of 9.1 meters is the world’s largest truck.

Its cost is around $ 3.5 million.

It is used mainly in mineral deposits in America.

With an output of 3550 hp manages to reach 65 km / h. Not bad when you consider that fully loaded weighs about 600 tons.

Surprising thing is that it is impossible to assemble at the factory because the floor would not hold his weight and, despite wanting to, it would not pass through the doors. Installation is done on site and therefore anyone who wants this monster will have to wait a month for the assembly before using it.