The name FF stands for four, to indicate the 4 seats and 4-wheel drive; In fact, it is the first Ferrari to adopt a four-wheel drive and also a Shooting-brake body that hides a Space-frame loom.

Its engine, a V12 positioned on the front axle, delivers an output of 660 HP at 8000 rpm and a torque of 683 Nm, ensuring the car at the top speed of 335 km / h. All this power is controlled by complex electronic systems, by magnetorheological suspensions electronically controlled and big Brembo carbon-ceramic brake discs.

In the rear are positioned two different transmissions (which include only one shaft) with dual-clutch robotic gearboxes, one with 7 gears on the back and the other 2 gears on the front, both assisted by a computer.

The car is almost entirely built in the factory of Maranello (a formula-man factory, which achieves a perfect balance between employees and robot) with the exception of bodywork in aluminum alloys built in nearby Carrozzeria Scaglietti.

Engine, aerodynamics and electronics are derived from close ties with the  Formula 1’s world .To achieve this masterpiece of engineering was needed a study period of almost 10 years and the use of 23 different materials.