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New Firestone Maxi Traction 65

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Firestone has launched Maxi Traction 65 tractor tyre, engineered with 11% deeper lugs than its predecessor – for a longer lasting tyre life while delivering high-level performance throughout its entire life cycle.

New Maxi Traction 65 also has wider lugs and wider tyre width, providing a larger groundcontact area which extends its tyre life further. This economy is carried onto the road where the tyre’s longer lugs, with larger lug overlap, increase wear resistance on hard surfaces.

Lothar Schmitt, Director Agricultural and Off-the-Road tyres, Bridgestone Europe says: “This new Firestone tread design with deeper, wider and longer lugs extends Maxi Traction 65 tyre life and reliability significantly, giving agricultural operators a lower cost per hour”.

Patented lug design provides strong traction

The longer life of the Maxi Traction 65 comes with no compromise in traction. Thanks to Firestone’s unique patented Dual Angle Lug Design, Maxi Traction 65 provides reliable, steady performance boosting traction by at least 4% compared to standard agricultural tyres. Combined with the extra-long lug, larger contact patch and efficient self-cleaning, Maxi Traction 65 allows operators to cover more ground faster and more economically.

At the same time, the longer overlapping lug design gives the operator greater ride comfort on the road – an important extra benefit for operators of today’s high-speed heavy tractors that cover more distance between field sites.

Expanding Maxi Traction family 

With the launch of Maxi Traction 65, Firestone extends the renowned Maxi Traction tread pattern to the 65 series, for today’s medium-sized tractors. It joins Maxi Traction for large, high horsepower machines and Maxi Traction IF (Improved Flexion) for extra load capacity and reduced soil compaction, under the same Maxi Traction pattern umbrella.

Maxi Traction 65 is the 4th generation of Firestone 65 series radial tyres for general farming applications. Firestone R9000 was launched in 1997 followed by R9000 EVO in 2001; both helped to expand the increasingly popular mid-sized 65 series. In 2012 Firestone introduced Performer 65 offering a higher speed rating. Maxi Traction 65 now raises performance again in the 65 series size with a longer tyre life and lower cost per hour.

Firestone is a leading worldwide manufacturer of agricultural tyres, with a strong position in the European market. The brand is owned by Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber products.

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