Paul Daimler: engineer of the “RCV”

Paul Daimler (1869 Karlsruhe – December 15, 1945, Berlin) was a German engineer and Gottlieb Daimler’s talented son.

He showed from the start a great propensity for technical subjects, ending in an optimal way higher studies. 16 years old to test the progress made by his father and colleague Wilhelm Maybach led the “Reitrad”, the first motorcycle in history, up to Untertürkheim. In 1900, following the death of his father had run the company Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft.


34 years old, he led the project that led to the first armored car motor and 2 years later, the company built the first 4-wheel drive car in history. Later he experimented the engine  with valves sheath.

The valves sheath (or sleeve), are part of the Rotating Cylinder Valves (RCV), a particular type of distribution.It doesn’t use poppet valves and camshafts, but the valve piston which rotates inside a second cylinder, which encloses the valve function and engine cooling. In his motion the valve, depending on its position, it discovers the exhaust ports and intake. The valve in its rotation is driven by a toothed gear, driven by the crankshaft. This engine, is comparable to an engine with 2 valves for cylinder, for the size of the lights and the cylinder.

Motore RCV,

Remained in the family company until 1923, leaving his place to Ferdinand Porsche. Coupling to the car manufacturer Horch designed and built hydraulic tappets, (still used) that allow the transformation of the rotary motion of the cam into linear alternately motion obtaining the opening and closing of the valve.

He died in 1945 in Berlin.



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