V-FIDES: new generation of underwater vehicles

Controllable underwater vehicle for identification, detention and exploration. This is the name of the new underwater vehicle born from the collaboration between Regione Toscana, Wass (Whitehead Alenia Sistemi  Subacquei) and Kayser Italia srl.

V-FIDES is a project characterized by the possibility to work both as an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), and as a Remote Controlled Vehicle (ROV). The tasks in which V-FIDES can be used are different:

  • Sea bed exploration
  • Environment monitoring
  • Civil monitoring
  • Mobile node for underwater communications
  • Elementary robotic operations (cleaning, micro drilling, sampling)

V-FIDES is endowed with the ECV system (Electronic Control Vehicle), formed by modules that give the vehicle an efficient support to the different mission configurations. Besides Kayser Italia developed the PDM system (Power Distribution Module), in order to manage, convert and distribute power to each module. Thanks to PDM system, it is possible to reduce the total consumption of the vehicle, with the possibility of increasing the duration of the missions. It will be implemented a continuous monitoring of the consumption of the different modules that, when it is necessary, can be isolated so that the mission can continue even in case of partial damage to the vehicle.

The first trial for V-FIDES project was held last 21th of May in the Wass towing tank in Livorno. During the test it was recorded the god working of the seven engines which the vehicle is equipped, both individually and collectively. Even if it was attached to a crane, the vehicle also had some movements during the test. Next trials will be carried out at sea and they will allow to test the drums stability and the balance of the vehicle, in order to assess its reliability.



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